Weather for Android OS

Revista Encuentros 1.1

Aplicacion de realidad aumentada que interactua con la revista encuentros la cual muestra videos informativos los

Alina Forecast 0.2.0

Alina Forecast - is a local weather forecast all over the world.

Weatherly 1.0.0

Weatherly is the latest app that gives you the weather based on your current, or even international, position. The only app that brings you forecasts up to the minute so you can plan your day around …

MotiShqiptar 1.0.4

Parashikimi i Motit, Parashikim i Avancuar i Motit në Shqipëri, Kosovë, Mal i Zi, Maqedoni. Parashikimi i motit është një aplikacion që i vjen në ndihmë…

Clock Weather Widget Cupcake 1.0

Is there anything better than sweets? Chocolate makes everything better and it can decorate any dessert, like cupcakes! If you enjoy eating this delicious treat, you will be thrilled when you see wha…

Paris 1.0.0

⛅Weather Widget - Paris⛅ ❄How to Apply Weather Widget - Paris:❄Step 1: Download Weather Widget - Paris and Weather Radar & Forecast app.Step 2: Long press screen & click [Widget].Step 3:Find …

Car 1.0.0

⛅Weather Widget - car⛅ ComprehensiveReal-Time Weather, 5 days weather forecast, clock & calendar... ConvenientJust put this weather widget on your desktop & get weather information convenient…

Forecast 1.5

Gives live weather data depending on user's location using GPS and updates data with time and location change. Recent changes: Bug Fix

MeteoRate 1.3

С помощью данного приложения Вы можете просматривать текущий статус погоды в любом городе мира, а так же актуального состояния курса валют по отношению к рублю. Recent changes: исправление багов

Kumitoya 0.0.3

Kumitoya: Pemantau ketinggian air sungai untuk antisipasi banjir wilayah Kudus. Recent changes: * Minor Fixes